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Sarita David

Sarita David

I'm a 20 Year old Indian College girl living and working in Mumbai, India. I love fashion, art and photography and dream of opening up my own Indian Fashion brand one day.

Jessica Nigri

Jessica Nigri

I'm Jessica Lee Nigri, not to be confused with my famous Cosplay artist namesake. I'm a 23 year old French girl living in Berlin. Loves cars and dreams of becoming a lingerie model back in my home town of Paris.

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Jessica on why NSFW Girls made sense for her

Creator / NSFW Girls

I stopped using other creator platforms after I stumbled upon NSFW Girls. The platform is exclusively invite-only which means that all the talent is elite AND I get to keep 90% of the fee

Creator / NSFW Girls Jessica Lee Nigri

Ethereal Echelon: Midnight Mischief on the Crumbling Rooftop

#LateNightLust #EroticTales #BackpackingAdventures #EtherealEchelon #MidnightMischief Under the cloak of midnight, the crumbling rooftop felt like an otherworldly realm. Stars blanketed the sky, casting a faint, silvery glow over everything. It was an impromptu escapade, one of many in our adventurous backpacking journey. This ancient building, forgotten by those who once gave it glory, became our […]

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Shaded Secrets: Midday Temptations in the Overgrown Ruins

#MiddayTemptation #HiddenAlcove #GroupPassion #AdventureAndDesire #SecretRuins #EroticExploration The midday sun bathed the ancient ruins in a golden light, sifting through the canopy of tangled vines and casting intricate shadows on the weathered stones. Jessica led the way, her laughter ringing out as she picked a path through the overgrown landscape, her vibrant floral sundress fluttering in […]

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